Lusix delivers high-performance systems and we offer both standard and customized vacuum systems solutions.

Lusix is a worldwide supplier of coating and deposition systems for R&D or production for the optical, semiconductor, telecom, defense, aerospace and other high-technology industries. Our systems are designed by a team of engineers with deep expertise and experience.

We also offer several architectures and configurations for E.B. gun based evaporation systems, thermal evaporation systems, DLC systems as well as high and ultra-high, clean room compatible vacuum furnaces.

Our broad range of solutions enables the customer to select a system configuration optimized to meet highly demanding requirements. For example, our customers can select substrate holders for various substrate shapes, sizes and quantities and flexible platforms with a variety of add-on options such as multiple sources and control sensors and specific component manufacturers.  We offer complete process solutions, with high quality design, ensuring high uniformity coatings.

We offer highly reliable machines and worldwide service, as we use only high-quality components from leading manufacturers.  Our unique operating system software is designed for automated operation and ease of use, offering data logging and analysis options, as well as remote diagnostics and upgrades. Our best-in-class technology, excellent technical support, and commitment to excellence ensure the performance, quality and service our clients have received and have come to expect.

Engineered for Performance

Proven design that’s built to last and is easy to operate and to maintain.

Designed for Results

High-quality components, excellent uniformity and easy to operate.

Programmed for Reliability

Robust software, automated process control and customized recipes.

Built for Serviceability

International service and advanced remote diagnostics.

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