Lusix delivers value to several key customer segments that benefit from our leading edge vacuum solutions and expertise. Our core markets are the following:


Semiconductor fabrication companies interested in systems for R&D, short runs and customized production solutions.


Research Institutes & Universities

Research institutes, universities and technical institutes for scientific research in areas such as physics, materials science and nano technology.


Industrial companies looking for precision coating solutions in the fields of optical components, lasers and fiber optic telecommunications.


Aerospace and Defense Customers

Companies and institutes looking for highly resistant multi-layer optical coatings with unique and demanding properties for aerospace and defense purposes.


Automotive Industry

Automobile manufacturers looking for precision optical and reflective coatings, hard coatings for drive bearings, coatings for long-life battery production and more.


Telecommunication Industry

Companies and research institutes looking to manufacture high-speed telecommunication devices using optical and lift-off coating processes.


Our technology is used by universities and research and development institutions such as the Technion Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute; and by technology and high tech companies such as GE, Redlen Technologies, Katod Night Vision Systems, Melz-EVP, Israeli Air Craft Industry, RAFAEL, SCD, Elbit Systems, El-Mul and Ophir Optronics.

Our clients are located in the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, Israel, Asia and more, and our products are suitable for both R&D and production applications.


“The Selene’s flexibility, outstanding coating quality, ease of use, and simple maintenance procedure,
were the key parameters of our selection”

Prof. Eli Cheifets, CTO and Chairman, EL-Mul

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