Lusix Vacuum Technologies

(Formerly an Odem Scientific Applications Ltd. business)

Lusix Vacuum Technologies is a leading manufacturer of specialized vacuum coatings systems for the past 18 years.  Lusix offers a wide range of applications such as R&D, prototyping, and small scale production systems, which serve customers in the optical, semi-conductor, telecommunications and solar energy fields as well as
the defense industry, universities and research facilities.

Our team has delivered over 120 systems worldwide.  The Lusix specialized vacuum technologies include electron beam evaporators, thermal evaporators, sputtering systems, DLC deposition and high and ultra-high-vacuum furnaces.

About Lusix

E-Beam Evaporation Systems

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology with multiple sources. Fully automated, robust and flexible thin film deposition system. R&D or production coating applications. Multiple options and features including, load-lock, Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD), substrate fixtures and more.


Thermal Evaporation Systems

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology with standard and specialized sources such as Indium. Supports various evaporation sources, substrates and processes. R&D or production coating applications. User friendly automated interface with adapted recipes to customer processes.


DLC Systems

High-vacuum plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system for Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) coatings. R&D and small scale production. Customized substrate fixtures. “One button” operation, fully automated system for high accuracy deposition.


Vacuum Furnaces

High and Ultra-high vacuum furnaces from 350°c to 1,100°c. R&D or production coating applications. High temperature uniformity and automated control system. Independently heated multiple shelves for outstanding double-sided coating uniformity.

The Lusix Advantage



“We needed a custom built system.
We were impressed with the Lusix design flexibility and its ability to suit our requirements.”

Aner Yarden, CEO, Raicol

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